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Book Review: ‘Pound for Pound’ by Shannon Kopp

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New book is inspirational

New book is inspirational

A new book by new author, Shannon Kopp, called, Pound for Pound: A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back to Life, is a story of hate, love, struggle and triumph. It’s a true story of Kopp’s own hatred of herself at times and her longtime struggle with an eating disorder.

The story is also about the healing power of helping dogs with their own longtime struggles in life, be it with past owners who were abusive or neglected them or experiencing a horrible reaction to being kenneled in a shelter. It’s really a story about healing through getting involved in a cause greater than oneself.

Kopp writes openly about battling her eating disorder. She writes about the first time she vomited after binging, about her time in rehab and about her ongoing struggles.

“I didn’t recognize then that I was developing the same kind of confident attitude that Dad had around his drinking. Every time he got out of the hospital or rehab, he was sure he was done for good, and yet he sometimes found himself stopping at a bar before he even made it home. My overconfidence speaks to the fact that I still did not understand the power and the tenaciousness of the illness I was up against,” Kopp wrote about her introduction to rehab.

The reader will quickly feel the pain, frustration and never ending battle Kopp is on throughout the book. One of the things that finally reached her was working with shelter dogs. She writes about a dog named Midnight and the joy Midnight felt when Kopp took her to the play yard behind the shelter.

The next time she volunteered at the shelter, Kopp found out Midnight had been euthanized. She wrote, “This book is my love letter to her, and to every shelter dog who, by their own nature, communicates in the most honest language I’ve ever known.”

This is a moving story and Kopp does a great job writing about it. Volunteering at a dog shelter may not be the solution for everyone battling an addiction or for someone trying to heal lifelong emotional wounds. Nonetheless, Kopp gives readers the sense that finding a way to help others, human or animal, can make a profound difference.

Kopp’s book is inspirational. Her story will touch every reader. And, so many readers will be able to relate to the many challenges Kopp has had to endure while finding her way to a better lifestyle.

There are also many stories about the different dogs she encounters while volunteering at different shelters. Those stories are dramatic and they add another level of inspiration to the book.

I’d recommend this book to all kinds of readers. The message will touch many people from those battling with their challenges to those who think their lives are perfect. One suggestion to all readers, you may need a few tissues to get through it.

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