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Book Review: Poopendous by Artie Bennett

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Poopendous, by Artie Bennett, is pretty much self explanatory when it comes to the subject matter. The title, however, is more than it appears on first glance. Using whimsical illustrations along with an easy rhythm, children will learn a good deal about the many uses of digestive excess.

Professor Pip Poopdeck (no, I didn’t make the name up), is the narrator of this delightful tale. He takes his readers on an adventure around the world, showing them icky plop in all shapes and forms. Readers might want to refrain from eating and perusing the details. Did you know animals push out gastric overload in similar comparison to size? In other words, bigger animals dispose of larger amounts of waste. Hippos plop out way bigger, er, plop, than a rabbit would. One interesting fact–wombats push out plop cubes.

A special name, guano (Gwah no), exists for bats and ocean bird droppings. It comes from the Incan culture, but this is not the only group which has a unique moniker for food and drink excess. Babies form their own language when they first start to speak. Creative? Very, but what comes out of their mouths is usually short and to the point.

While the topic itself might seem unsuitable for children, the story is presented in such a way that any reader can be equally entertained and informed. Bennett makes his book clear without stooping to the level of being condescending. Those who pick up this selection will probably not want to put it down until the very end.

Mike Moran has what is perhaps the easier job, illustrating the material. Simple colors such as gray for an elephant or brown for a bear ensure various parts of the story are easy to pick out. Humans are defined with true skin tones.
Parents should take maturity into consideration. This is a children’s book with a theme edging on the adult side.

Artie Bennett has written other books on the topics of human anatomy. For more information, readers can take a look at his website. Mike Moran can also be found on the web at his URL.

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