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Book Review: ‘Please Stop Helping Us’ by Jason L. Riley

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please-stop-helping-us-how-liberals-make-it-harder-for-blacks-to-succeedIn his new book, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed, Jason L. Riley takes on race issues occurring in today’s society. He expands on his theories by looking back in history to what worked and what didn’t work. Then he looks at present day initiatives that may be making things worse.

Riley writes, “The civil rights struggles of the mid-twentieth century were liberalism at its best. The efforts culminated in the pass of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed racial discrimination in employment and education and ensured the ability of blacks to register to vote.”

He continues by writing that his intention is not to downplay accomplishments of black leaders such as Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., or groups such as the Freedom Riders or the NAACP.

Instead, Riley writes, “Rather, my goal is to assess some of the social policy and thinking that arose from the ruins of Jim Crow. Good intentions aside, which efforts have facilitated black advancement, and which efforts have impeded it?”

Unemployment, Education and Culture

Riley covers a number of important issues including chapters titled, “Black Man in the Whitehouse,” “Culture Matters,” “The Enemy Within,” “Mandating Unemployment,” “Educational Freedom,” and “Affirmative Discrimination.”

Riley relates a lot of his own story in this book. He includes how his father moved his family to a white neighborhood and how he himself went to a white school. He also talks about how he was discriminated against by both blacks and whites.

Discrimination is one of those attitudes that are really hard to get rid of because it exists not just between races and ethnic groups; it’s also between the rich and the poor, the young and the old, male and female. It’s out there in almost every form you can think of and more than likely will always exist in some degree.

The current social and economic environments have raised more fears about it than ever before. The government has already heavily regulated against acts of discrimination. Riley’s book offers a view of how some of that regulation may have hurt the situation instead of helping.

Noteworthy Features of “Please Stop Helping Us”

Riley’s writing style will hold the reader’s interest. One of the most important factors of this book is that the author doesn’t just talk about his own theories and opinions; he backs up everything he writes about with historical facts.

By including his own stories of discrimination, he makes the reader feel that he is basing his book on real life facts versus just what he found in the history books. This is an important book to read for anyone concerned with the current day racial uncertainty.

Race issues are heated and often times explosive; it’s been so in past generations and will probably continue to a certain degree in future generations. This book takes a calm and methodical look at the aftermath of some of the decisions made and the repercussions that have occurred.

About the Author Jason L. Riley

Riley is an editorial board member of the Wall Street Journal. He’s worked for the national newspaper since 1994. Riley has written editorials on a number of important issues including politics, economics, education, and race among others. He is also a Fox News contributor. This is his second book. His first was published in 2008 and titled, Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders.


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  • Guest

    An Open Letter to Jason L. Riley,

    Dear Jason,
    Racism and bias exist in every group of people. This hinders the peace, progress and unity of the world at large, even if you try to minimize this fact.

    A perfectly legitimate modern day form of discrimination is how bad credit ratings are now used by Landlords in renting and most major Corporations use credit rating in their hiring practices. I’d like to know how many poor people have a good credit rating? It is like a dog chasing its tail because one needs a decent job for a good credit rating but you need good credit to land a job.

    You said you were discriminated against by black and whites but you seem to lack a good in depth understanding on how those with money and power can do more than just have a negative racist opinion. Those with money and power have the capability to act out their bias when it comes to equal pay, fair housing, fair hiring practices, and the job market.

    Jason, I highly doubt you are privy to the private conversations of the numerous Donald Sterling types and their secret behind the door racist rants but I can assure you honest whites can attest to the fact that it frequently happens (although your fan club may not be able to connect the dots on how negative stereotypes seriously impact housing, pay, hiring practices and jail sentencing in the real world).

    Jason is a favorite guest of the Sean Hannity Show. He and and his like minded conservatives accuse Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for being bias and having an agenda but liberals accuse the Limbaugh and Hannity types of doing the exact same thing in reverse.

    Jason appears as if he is blind and deaf. In his attempt to appease conservatives and increase his book sales he has failed to connect the dots on how racial injustices began and are continued.

    Jason here is an FYI,
    You talk as if ghetto black gangs are the only ones who are immoral and lack values. However, the very first Gangs in America were not black or Mexican but poor European Immigrants. A reality some folks with memory loss seem totally oblivious about.

    And speaking of Riots clashes with Law Enforcement, White youth labeled as long haired Hippies in the 60’s were beat with Police batons by the Police for protesting the Viet Nam war. There is news footage of this at the 1968 Democrat Convention if you care to research it. You can also look up the shootings at Kent State college of white college kids by law enforcement protesting the Viet Nam war in that era. My point is that Riots and clashes with the Police are nothing new or specific to any one race contrary to popular belief. Clashes after Rock Concerts by rowdy non-blacks are rarely shown beyond the local news channels but I can assure you they have happened.

    Before the heavy influx of drugs the black family was largely intact but Jason ignores this key fact. His book is comparative to baking a cake to solve a problem and leaving out the main ingredients so the cake is messed up and half baked.

    Mr. Riley, drugs and drug addictions were first bought to the USA by organized crime from European immigrants and it was no secret that the drugs and mayhem bought to America by organized crime went straight to the ghetto. Ironically this does not stop America from loving their Godfather, Mob movies and Soprano reruns.

    The poor are 5 times more likely to go to jail for drug related crimes while the wealthy are more likely to get into drug rehab. or probation.

    Jason is playing the fool and seems to think it is a level playing field in the criminal justice system. Even Zimmerman’s horse face looking Attorney admitted in one of his television interviews that the playing field is NOT level in the Criminal Justice System but caught himself and quickly added his client Zimmerman was innocent.

    Many non-black folks were real quick to focus on Trayvon as a “Thug” while ignoring or excusing Zimmerman’s past arrest record esp. the one in 2005 on an under cover Police Officer of all people. Zimmerman fans ignored his lie about the Pay Pal money and his recent domestic violence problems and still hail him as their American hero. However, in reality if the Zimmerman Jury had been mostly all black it would have been a different outcome and Zimmerman would be in jail. I highly suspect like OJ, his luck will eventually run out and like OJ he will land in jail over something stupid again, in due time!

    We all know bias exist on both sides of the fence and in the Jury system much of who walks or who goes to jail is based on gender, the racial make up of the Jury along with who can afford the best dream team defense. If you doubt it remember the Casey Anthony and OJ trial, in his first trial vs the second trial.

    Since Zimmerman by his own admission never told Trayvon Martin why he was following him and lied with his ex-wife about his Pay Pal money from his fans, why is it Martin was never viewed by many as standing his ground against a stranger who never identified himself? It never entered the minds of the fans of Zimmerman that Martin may NOT have gone home to let a creepy possible dangerous stalker see where he lived to possible hurt him or his family could have been the reason he did not go home that night when he learned he was being followed. The fact Trayvon could have been in fear of his life never entered the minds of some people who see black in evil only even when there have been notorious rampage shootings and child snatching predators who don’t happen to be a majority of black males. An all black Jury may have thought Zimmerman tripped on the wet grass and hit his own head on that pavement since he did not disclose the pay pal money proving he could not disclose pertinent information.

    While I may not be a big fan of Jesse Jackson few remember how Jesse Jackson risked his own life to go to the Middle East and was instrumental in the negotiations of freeing several American hostages (most of them were white) in the Middle East many years ago. No one has ever talked about that heroism. It is available to research but foes of Jackson seem to magnify the negative and ignore the positive things he has done. Jesse Jackson DID go into the inner city schools to preach against drugs and against gangs in his Operation Push. His slogan was “Down With Dope. Up With Hope”, a fact Jason and his fans seem clueless about. Mr. Riley when have you gone into the ghetto to preach to our youth instead of bashing them?

    Most folks pointing their self righteous fingers and calling for blacks to be moral and family oriented fail to connect the dots on how the increase of illegal drugs and guns account for crime and drug addictions which has contributed to the breakdown of the family. This came by way of Europe to American ghettos and has a had a carry over negative impact on black culture to date, it is a reality dismissed by most people who talk as if blacks invented gangs, illegal drugs and crime.

    Jason seems as if he is nothing but a mouth piece pawn against African Americans to the delight of Sean Hannity and other conservatives in most every group.

    Jason has appeared on the Hannity sho with his own brand of propaganda, demeaning his own race in the blame game. He is very critical of those liberals who fought for the very civil rights he (Jason) enjoys to date. So pathetic, so sad. His book given to me with his one sided view will go in my trash can asap.

  • Guest

    Jason lives in a delusional world and fails to connect the dots on how organized crime and illegal drugs infiltrated the inner cities and impacted the lives of African Americans and that originally came from Europeans and landed straight in the ghetto,

    • Drey

      I’d like to know how many opportunities created by white liberals in Affirmative Action and equal opportunity that Jason L. Riley has enjoyed throughout his black leaders but how is he not instigating in reverse?

      • Drey

        My comment should have
        I’d like to know how many opportunities created by white liberals in Affirmative Action and equal opportunity that Jason L. Riley has enjoyed throughout his life. If he is accusing black leaders of instigating strife how is he not instigating strife in reverse?

        • Guest

          My comment is this:
          I’d like to know how many opportunities created by white liberals as in Affirmative Action and equal opportunity that Jason L. Riley has enjoyed throughout his life. If he is accusing black leaders of instigating strife how is he not instigating strife or controversy in reverse?

        • Drey

          I meant to say the comment should have been….
          How many opportunities did Jason get from Affirmative Action or from being a token black?

          • Kasey Rakauskas

            Affirmative Action, or anything else, never gave this poor struggling working white boy shit.