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Book Review: Play the Craps Game – the Right Way by Wallace Chin

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One of the most misunderstood (at least for this writer) gambling games is “craps.” This complex form of gambling is one of the only games in casinos that will also pay off if a better bets against the player. This and all the other ways one can win at craps is somewhat confusing. Mr. Chin not only explains it in detail but gives the reader an edge. Play the Craps Game–the Right Way is all about a system that Wallace Chin has devised to win at this form of gambling.

Chin’s book goes into great detail with charts, graphs and many in-depth explanations of how his system works and what it takes to win at craps. His system is based on his over thirty years of playing the game and compiling his research over many hundreds of hours at the craps table. The system seems a bit involved and overwhelming at first but the more you read, the clearer it becomes.

The author has a few different forms that he tells the reader to clearly pay attention to. He cautions the gambler to make sure that he keeps track of everything that the book tells him to do and not deviate from the system or else he stands the chance of losing his shirt.

Mr. Chin gives you a very concise way to play and win. He continuously cautions the gambler to not be greedy and win a little and know when to leave. He stresses the fact that if the player stays too long, he will eventually give the winnings right back to the house.

I found Play the Craps Game–the Right Way by Wallace Chin to be a very informative and easy read. The fact that it was a book about a gambling system made it that much more interesting. I give it a B on my rating scale because of some of the grammatical errors, but the book is a good read and the information in the book far outweighs those minor indiscretions. With a pleasing cover and quality print, it is worth taking a look at.

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