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Book Review: Pinch Me by Adena Halpern

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Is finding true love too good to be true? It is for Lily Burns, who has been taught by her mother and grandmother her entire life never to trust men. Never to marry for love. To look for not so great guys because the good buys always have secrets. Never to marry a man unless he is “short, bald, fat and treats you badly!”

Well, Lily has found Mr. Right in Gogo Goldblatt. He is a successful pediatrician and puts her first in everything. Lily has fallen head over heels for him and, when he proposes marriage atop the Effel Tower she is stunned. Wanting to say yes, but hearing her mother’s and grandmother’s voice in her head, she is scared and confused. She holds him off and goes to her family to find out why they feel the way they do about men and marriage. Lily is then told about the family curse that was placed on the women of the Burns family generations ago. The curse is that they will never be happy in marriage to the men they love, and horrible things will happen to those men. Lily doesn’t believe it and elopes with Gogo. Not believing her happiness she asks Gogo to pinch her, and that is when the fun begins!

Pinch Me is a wonderful, funny book. The characters are quirky and lovable. There were many laugh out loud moments ahd characters. My favorite was Dolly, Lily’s grandmother. She is the kind of grandmother we should all have — without the curse, of course. The interaction between Selma, Dolly and Lily is precious. Lily wants to think all the curse stuff is bull, but at the same time she can’t help seeing the truth in it. For every question Selma and Dolly have the answer, and those answers are beyond funny.

Pinch Me is the perfect beach read or rainy day read. It’s a quick light read with every page being enjoyable. It will have readers cheering for Lily and Gogo and hoping that the curse can finally be broken.

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