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Book Review: ‘Peter Panda Melts Down’ by Artie Bennett

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Peter Panda Melts Down! by Artie Bennett is pretty much self explanatory when one gets a look at the title. This is not the story of a snowman. rather, it takes a humorous look into the world of temper tantrums.

While Bennett might be the writer of this delightful book, John Nez takes on the responsibility for providing illustrations in plenty of colors. While black and white are rather obvious choices, basics such as red, blue, brown, and green help to make the book an engrossing selection as well as holding onto a person’s attention. Together, they provide enjoyment for readers as well as some useful advice on dealing with toddlers who may not always be perfect angels.

Peter, Bennett’s main character, is a child who is happy in life. However, sometimes there are things which happen during a given day to upset him. At three, Peter hasn’t got the maturity to see this is no big deal. So, what does he do? Frustration is the easiest solution and therefore, a meltdown takes place.

Bennett has enough common sense not to go into many details regarding what this little furball says or does during his most rage filled moments. Instead, readers are simply shown crankiness has occurred. Facial expressions will be easy to spot. Words on a given page have exploded into massive screaming announcements of the impending crisis.

Is this pure toddler behavior? Of course, but there’s more to the story than just what one sees on the page. Whether or not a person is a parent, reading until the very end is a requirement. There are factors at work beyond simple bratty frustration.

The notes on the back flap are especially entertaining. Both author and illustrator provide details of subjects which make them cranky at the very least. An endearing selection no matter who reads this book.

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  • John

    I agree that ‘Peter Panda Melts Down!’ is a fabulous book. I ought to know because I created the illustrations for this book. The really sad and ironic thing about this book is that there is not a single copy of the book on any shelf in Seattle. Ironically I see this rave review is being carried by the Seattle Post Intelligencer too! So the readers in Seattle can read the rave reviews… but NOT the book. lol! wwwdotjohnnezdotcom

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