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Book Review: Pet Projects – The Animal Knits Bible by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne

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Pet Projects by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne is a collection of over two dozen knitting projects (and a couple sewing projects) for your favorite furry friend. I love the idea of this book, but I don’t think I would ever knit anything for my dogs. I love them like people love their children, but they are wild boys. Anything I knit would be chewed up or covered in mud within minutes of giving it to them. It would make me sad to see my handiwork destroyed.

Nonetheless, I still love these projects. There is something for almost every manner of pet. “Beanbags for Cat or Dog” is a cozy beanbag bed with a knit cover and a hand-sewn beanbag inside. “Carrot Curtain” is meant for a bunny hutch. “Soccer Dog Coat” is a sporty collared sweater. “Cable Dog Coat” is a traditional shape with a single cable down the back. “Spot Dog Coat” is an adorable black coat with multi-colored intarsia polka-dots. “Floral Dog Coat” has a bright, all-over floral pattern that, frankly, is a bit over-the-top. Although, if you are putting a dog in a sweater, may as well go all the way over-the-top. There are also a half-dozen different ideas for recycling human sweaters into dog sweaters, with just a little bit of sewing.

A variety of cat cushions are offered for every taste and experience level. “Tassels Cat Cushion” is plain, with just tassels at the corners – for play or décor. “Baroque Cat Cushion” features a tonal baroque design, and “Heraldic Cat Cushion” is a regal design for your little princess. Similarly, there is a variety of dog collars for every different personality. A ruffled collar that looks Shakespearean; floral and spotted collars to match aforementioned coats; and a “Hell’s Angel” collar for your little bad-ass. “Anti-Firework Dog Balaclava” is a hood for your dog, with extra padding over the ears to protect pups from scary fireworks. Although my dogs do pretty well with fireworks, I think they would have a conniption if I put one of these on them.

Have a koi pond? Don’t leave them out – knit them up a “Water Lily” out of strips of recycled plastic bags. “Horse Blanket” is worked in segments, with a collection of graphic patterns (stripes, checks, dots) and horse-themed intarsia (charts include a horse and rider in silhouette, a prize ribbon, and others). “Mouse Mat” may be for a cat, but it is so cute I want to make one anyway. It is styled like a bear skin rug, so your feline can triumph over an imagined kill. A “Tortoise Hibernation Tent” provides stylish privacy for your tortoise in the winter. The “Puppy Papoose” is a little sling for your pocket-sized dogs. It is absurdly adorable. I would make fun of anyone who carried a dog in this thing, while dying on the inside from the cuteness.

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