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Book Review: People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe by Adam Kipple, Andrew Kipple, and Luke Wherry

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“Welcome to a world where no shoes and no shirt are no obstacles, where parking lots are filled with dead deer, Bengal tigers, and old men in thongs riding bikes…”


Are you familiar with the law of diminishing comedic  returns? In essence, anything that you find hilariously funny, will be — by degrees — less funny each time you are exposed to it. This is particularly true of jokes and Weekend at Bernie’s. It is completely untrue in the case of  People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe, a September 7 release that provokes loud laughter each time it is opened.

The premise is simple, people take pictures of people shopping at Walmart or parked in Walmart’s parking lot, then post them to  peopleofwalmart.com. Not everyone who shops at Walmart will have the opportunity to be featured at peopleofwalmart.com; that privilege is reserved for the selected elite — those men who dare shop at Walmart dressed in garbage bags or tutus, and the women who want to see just how far lycra will stretch.

Remember when a visual definition of low-class was a woman going out of the house with rollers in her hair? Pick up People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe and learn how good taste is relative, and those women in rollers were models of refinement compared to some Walmart shoppers.

I spent nearly half a century in an area where there were no Walmarts, then moved to a small city with five (and two Sam’s Clubs!).  It took a while for me to be able to enter a Walmart — I’d been warned against them — but once I broke the ice, I warmed up to the experience. I’d seen a few people who were dressed in ways that…well, they should have known better. Or, at least, their keepers shouldn’t have let them out on the street looking like that. So when I first learned of the website, I had to check it out.

My first visit, I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. As if what people think is suitable shopping attire isn’t funny enough, Kipple, Kipple, and Wherry provide captions for each picture that will have the reader in stitches (which is actually more than what some of the photo subjects are wearing). I probably got through about 176 pages; as of this writing, there are 395, and they add more pictures every day, or so it seems. At this rate, I’ll never see them all.

People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe is more of this insanity — 200 photos, 140 of which are new, all captioned — as well as Walmart related stories that can’t be anything but true. Like the photos on the website, these reveal a lot — more than most of us want to see. Luckily for us, we don’t have to see them in person. There’s a generous serving of butt, plus plenty of obnoxious t-shirts, and the couple who shop in Deliverance’s his and hers section. There are women — and men — in lingerie and Satan-worshippers in Snuggies. I have taken the liberty of borrowing a few shots from the website to show you exactly what you’re missing if you’ve never been there. These are the more restrained photos.

I admit that there are some people who would not find these pictures to be funny in the least. I don’t know those people. If you can look at the pictures and read the captions in People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe without laughing, there is something seriously wrong with you. I mean it. It may be low humor, but it is hysterically funny. Expect shaky, fuzzy camera work; many of these photos were taken on the sly with cell phones.

If I didn’t already have the book, I’d want it in my Christmas stocking (but since I don’t have a Christmas stocking, I’ll content myself Christmas morning with thumbing through People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe for the two-hundredth time.

There are two really scary things about this photo. #1: That’s a Miley Cyrus for Max Azria shirt, sold at Walmart.  #2: I have that shirt.

Bottom Line: Would I buy People of Walmart.com Shop & Awe? You gotta be kiddin’!!! I’m tacky enough to give a copy to everyone I know — it’s the gift that keeps on giving. (Do ya’ think they’ll have it at Walmart?)

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  • the real bob

    OMG, Lynn, you should go to the site. Or maybe not. I look at picture after picture & LMAO. At least I know that my most bizarre outfits wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if I wear them to WalMart.

  • OMG! The bra straps hanging out of the pink panther print top and the tramp stamp on the love handles. I can’t take any more.

    I have shopped at WalMart with my sister-in-law who is writing a book about the place and finds nothing wrong with the chain at all. I just stare at her with, well, awe. She dresses normally though.
    I stay out of that place.

    I used to just go to Target until they started giving huge donations to Republicans. Guess I’m stuck now. Maybe 3 a.m. at the gas station, as the caption says…

  • Jordan Richardson

    I admit that there are some people who would not find these pictures to be funny in the least. I don’t know those people.

    Me neither, and I don’t want to know those people. Hilarious stuff, I love it!