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Book Review: Our Rescue Dog Family Album by Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.

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If ever a book was appropriately named, Our Rescue Dog Family Album is the book. Details of over forty dogs that were rescued by Diane Pomerance and her family are shared, along with scores of pictures of these lucky canines. What Pomerance — and anyone who has ever rescued a dog — knows is that once you rescue an animal, you have a devoted friend, ‘til death do you part.

As I initially leafed through this wonderful book, I wondered what husband Chip would think of the huge menagerie maintained by the Pomerances. We have one rescue dog, and every time I mention getting another, he groans. I hate to admit he’s right but our Charity Marie Doggy-Dog is so possessive of us, another dog wouldn’t have a chance. Then there’s the matter of the four cats…

Pomerance has written a number of books for dog owners and prospective owners, covering topics that include the death of a pet, adopting the right companion, older animals, and the roles companion animals play in the lives of the humans with whom they live. In addition to being a prolific writer, Pomerance is a very creative namer, as evidenced by the monikers of many of the dogs she has adopted (like Sedonia Kennicoot Fairweather and Two Socks).

People who read Our Rescue Dog Family Album will be charmed by the histories of these dogs that no one wanted. Some came from puppy mills (boo! hiss!), others were abused and abandoned, and still others share unknown backgrounds. They are all united in being part of a loving family that dedicates itself to their welfare.

Whether Pomerance is writing about a dog’s health and behavior, or sharing tidbits about their holiday celebrations, she draws the reader in with her obvious respect for her furry family. Filled with irresistible photos and enchanting stories of improved lives, Our Rescue Dog Family Album would make a lovely gift for any dog lover or wannabe-dog-owner, and should be found in the waiting rooms of veterinarians across the world. Maybe it will inspire others to adopt a shelter dog…or two…or three…


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  • JLyn

    I have a new grandpuppy that’s a rescue dog from the Middle Tn floods back in May.

    he is so precious

    his name is Harley and he is a Mal-shi.

    he has the best personality.

  • Irene Wagner

    You go girl!

  • JLyn

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  • Anyway, JLyn, I think you’ve more or less got the hang of it now…

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