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Book Review: On the Run by Patrick G. Cox

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The Heron crew are back in another adventure. And this time there up their necks in a planet that is wild and savage. They are On the Run from enemies keen to capture & study them. Fortunately for the lads from the early 19th century it is not such a hardship as it is for their comrades in arms.

Along the way there are indigenous humanoid species to ally with, an ancient AI and German scientist who seems content with the adventure. Cox does a great job at evoking the “duck out of water” feel for those who are of the high-tech 23rd century when they are on an alien planet with few provisions having to survive.

Of course there is all the political intrigue of the last few novels as their higher ups deal with The Consortium. Heron & his friends aside, the novel gave me a feeling of something that could easily be part of the Eve Online universe.

While the plot is at times predictable for fans of similar type of yarns or the plots of space operas such as Babylon 5, it does move along nicely. One does have to wonder where Cox will be able to take the story-line in the next book in the series lest he trod on familiar ground.

The book has enough merit so that I was pleased I was able to read it in two sittings. It is certainly a page turner. A book for those who enjoy approachable science fiction.

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