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Book Review: Nursies When The Sun Shines by Catharine Havener

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Night weaning is an issue many nursing mothers face. Wether it is fatigue, a desire to regain fertility more quickly or conflict of activities, reasons and objectives can be plentiful. But how do you do this in a gentle manner that doesn’t disrupt your attachment to your child? How do you tackle the topic without scaring them or making them feel pushed away?

Katherine Havener struggled with these same questions and noticed there was not much out there to help her and her baby cope with this difficult period, so she decided to write the book herself, Nursies When the Sun Shines. It’s a soft and gentle bedtime story, preparing the young child for a different nighttime arrangement.

The story depicts a bedsharing family with a young child. The drawings — delicate watercolors by Sara Burrier — set the mood of a sweet tale about a truly connected family and will bring a smile of recognition to the face of any bedsharing family.

The book tells the child that there will be no more nursing at night (“nursies” go to sleep), but that mommy is still there, and the connection remains. It uses simple language to present the topic:

“I’ll hold you and love you while you drift back to sleep.
You’ll have nursies when the sun shines.”

Children’s books about attached families are rare and this one is a real gem. The rhythmic story is low in text, so it will appeal to the very young, but even the toddler will find pleasure in seeing the images of a family that sleeps in the same connected fashion they do.

Having a children’s book on night weaning is truly a great idea, and will help many a family struggling with the question. I can only applaud the initiative.

“Baby goes to sleep.
Mommy goes to sleep.
Nursies go to sleep… sleep nursies, sleep.”

You can find information about the book by visiting the website.

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