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Book Review Now You See Her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

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As someone who was as addicted to Patterson as one is to gaming, it was sad when I bid adieu to the once lauded author because he was becoming formulaic and his writing was as flat and stale as a three-month-old Cheerio trapped in couch cushions. Patterson’s writing lost its joie de vivre and I wasn’t buying the fact that he penned all of those “bestsellers” solo. Aside from his Cross series, I immediately stopped buying everything in hardcover and shortly after ceased doling out cash for his mass market editions, then the day came when Alex Cross and I had to end our relationship. I was on a Patterson sabbatical and have been since 2007’s dreaded, You’ve Been Warned and still cringe over that miscalculation and wonder why on earth I tortured myself by finishing it, I think aliens abducted me or I was in such shock I was set on auto-pilot reading.

I am not going to lie, the cover for Now You See Her caught my eye and before you ask, yes, I do judge a book by its cover (don’t judge). Oh, Little, Brown and Company, it was a slick marketing ploy to have Patterson’s latest summer blockbuster stylized in my favorite color and as someone who is a water siren, I was hooked months before the book was released. Little, Brown and Company shipped me an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) and it was on, I was tempted to dive right in but waited until the temptation died down – which was an epic fail and I was fiening to read it… and I wasn’t very graceful or ladylike, I devoured it like a starving animal and handled it like Polamalu does the gridiron!

I’ve often asked myself and everyone who’d listen, “Where did old school Patterson go?” and finally vintage Jim (abetted by collaborator Michael Ledwidge) has decided to reemerge with the highly charged, Now You See Her is refreshing and delivers the thrills in a cutting edge fashion that electrifies.

Nina Bloom is a thriving attorney, affectionate mom and has been in hiding for years. She will do whatever it takes to protect the new life she has created – including lying to her cherished daughter and everyone else she comes into contact with. When a pro bono case her firm is handling threatens to shine a light on the cobwebs of her past and unearth skeletons long buried, she knows she must do the right thing and not let an innocent man on death row take the fall.

Patterson and Ledwidge transport the reader back nearly twenty years, where we learn Nina is actually Jeanine Baker, a college senior partying on spring break in sultry Key West, Florida. A tragic accident occurs and in a split second, her life is altered forever. Enter officer Pete Fournier, a Good Samaritan who helps out the frightened young Jeanine and makes the situation disappear.

The pairing of Patterson and Ledwidge is as finely tuned as a crew of varsity rowers. Now You See Her is peppered with spine-chilling suspense, the fast paced action is as invigorating as swimming with polar bears during arctic temps.  You just can’t step away from it, so you continue reading until you reach the shocking conclusion. Now You See Her is the best novel Patterson has penned in years. Ledwidge is definitely a dynamic addition to collaborate with Patterson but Ledwidge is a stellar standout all his own!

Welcome back, Mr. Patterson, it’s been way too long since you’ve manipulated my pulse and delivered something worthy of my reading time… Let’s see if you can do it again with the soon to be released, Kill Me if You Can – it’s on my coffee table.

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  • towman

    thumbs up.

  • DonnaFaz

    I love James Patterson’s books and I’ve read them all. I found an author whose crime fiction is fabulous: British author MA Comley has penned a great set of books called The Justice Series. Look for these books.

  • Amanda

    What is the second book in the series called? (And do you know if its out yet?)
    And by the way the first book is by far the best book I’ve ever read! So much drama! I couldn’t put the book down!
    I would diffently recommend this to everybody!!!