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Book Review: Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson

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Notting Hill is one of London’s premier communal garden communities. Mimi and Clare are residents of Notting Hill as well as best friends. However, they experience life in their communal garden from different ends of the spectrum. Mimi’s husband inherited their home and they are barely making ends meet. Her husband wants to move to a more affordable part of town, but Mimi can’t imagine raising her three kids elsewhere.

Clare, a garden designer, cares for many of the gardens in Notting Hill. She’s now trying to land an account with their new neighbor, a billionaire named Si Kasparian. She’s also trying to get pregnant, but after years of trying she can feel her biological clock running out of time.

Problems abound in Notting Hill. Friendships and marriages in the community may be at their breaking points. Can Mimi and Clare’s marriages — and their friendship — survive the trials of Notting Hell?

Rachel Johnson brings Notting Hill to life in this chick-lit novel about the upper crust of British society. Johnson is also the author of The Mummy Diaries, a collection of her columns for the Daily telegraph about life as a “yummy mummy.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Notting Hell. I don’t read much British chick-lit, but thought this novel looked worth a try. Unfortunately, I found it somewhat dull. Not much drama other than the occasional adultery and garden party. It was a light read, maybe good for an afternoon on the beach.

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