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Book Review: No Sneakers at the Office: A Practical Handbook for the Business World by Adam T. Scholl, MBA, JD

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A question that may occur to readers is, “If someone wears sneakers to the office, is he smart enough to buy, no less benefit from, a book titled No Sneakers at the Office?” Another question might be, “Would she resent receiving it as a gift?”

According to publisher LandMarc Press, “No Sneakers at the Office is a step-by-step guide for graduating seniors, fresh-outs, and young professionals seeking to enter, survive, and thrive in corporate America.” Thrive is the key word here. Getting a job in one’s chosen field may not be the easiest thing to accomplish, and surviving the harsh realities of the working world takes a little “gumption,” but thriving, succeeding, moving ahead—that’s something that really requires work.

In addition to dress-for-success tips, author Adam Scholl takes the readers through many of the intricacies of business life, from effective, professional communication to the best dining budget for those with an expense account. While the quality of one’s work is paramount, the way to impress management has a lot to do with appearances—how one is dressed and groomed, and how an employee communicates with customers, peers, suppliers, management, and anyone else with whom they must deal.

Throughout No Sneakers at the Office, Scholl includes tales of personal experience and tips that apply to anyone with an eye to moving up. “Dress for the position you want, not the position you have,” “…coming into work with a hangover is never acceptable,” and “Anytime you bring a problem to your boss or co-worker make sure that you have a solid suggestion on how to fix it” are three highlighted pieces of good advice for the worker with a heart set on that next level, or maybe something higher.

No Sneakers at the Office is genuinely a step-by-step guide. Scholl doesn’t just suggest how one should dress, he elaborates on what one shouldn’t wear. He steers the prospective worker around the pitfalls of oral, written, and e-communications, prepares workers for meetings, and recommends the route to take for career growth. Scholl also addresses office politics (“Office Dynamics”); that subject alone is worth the price of admission.

Consider giving No Sneakers at the Office to anyone who is standing in the way of his or her own advancement¸ and to everyone entering the job market and the wonderful world of work (anyone/everyone you know and care about, that is). It is a book that corporations should give to new employees along with the company manual; it’s as useful as knowing what health benefits cover and how long you must work before getting a month’s vacation.

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