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Book Review: No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel

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No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel is a novel that takes place during World War II. It follows a small group of Jewish villagers who live in a town on a river bank.

The villager is remote, but the war is closing in on them. After thousands of years of their community moving, escaping and being expelled suddenly, in 1939, it seems that there is nowhere to go.

The answer to the village’s dilemma comes from an 11-year-old girl and a mysterious stranger – they will reinvent the world.

No One is Here Except All of Us by is a lyrical and poetic book. The story flows, and is fascinating. Most of the time while reading, I felt as if I, or the protagonist, were dreaming. However, upon reading the author’s note it turned out that many of the events are based on what Ms.Ausubel’s great grandmother experienced during World War II.

t first it was hard for me to process the story —  I’m just too logical —  but the more I read, the easier it go and I started to let go and enjoy the story more and more.

Ms. Ausubel managed to create a world within a world through her characters, which sucked me in. I would almost be tempted to categorize this book under “magic,” but I wouldn’t go as far and neither does the book itself.

Without giving anything away, I was surprised by the ending, which is not sappy or the mandatory feel-good type we come to expect. Even if you wouldn’t like the story, you’d love the prose.

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