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Book Review: Nine Lives by Sharon Sala

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I’ve known Sharon Sala for years. She’s held my babies and laughed with me and told me stories of raising her own kids. To know Sharon is to laugh. She’s got a wicked, keen, insightful sense of humor.

What she also has is a sixth sense for stories about love and suspense. Over the years she’s become a bestselling author of romantic suspense. Sharon tells stories with breakneck pacing, breathless suspense, crisp and crackling dialogue, and about characters you get to know almost immediately. They could be the neighbor next door. Or the person you pass on the street and always wonder about.

Sharon writes under her own name as well as Dinah McCall. Under the Sala name, she pens thrillers with a romantic subplot. (I don’t call them romances, and since I also read romances I know what I’m talking about). As McCall, she offers another compelling concoction of suspense with a swirl of the paranormal.

In Nine Lives, Sharon gives us Cat Dupree, one of her most tragic and most hopeful characters. Cat lost her mother to a drunken driver at six. At 13 a man wearing a face full of tattoos savagely murdered her father and slit Cat’s throat, leaving her for dead. Cat survived and became a ward of the state because she didn’t have any other family. Once she finally aged out and got out of the system, she became a licensed bounty hunter, determined to live in the violent world of her father’s killer until she found him and brought him to justice.

Marcia Benton has been the one true friend to make it through foster care with Cat. The two women would do anything for each other. Marcia has always been the one who looked on the positive side, the one who thought the world would eventually be theirs.

Unfortunately, Marcia fell in love with her snake of a boss, Mark Presley. Presley is married to a fortune and is unwilling to leave it. In fact, he’ll kill to protect it. Once he finds out that Marcia is pregnant with his child, he does exactly that.

When her friend goes missing, Cat goes to the police and tells them about the affair and the pregnancy. No one, however, seems interested in Marcia’s disappearance.

In the meantime, Cat’s path has crossed that of Wilson McKay, another bounty hunter who’s just as obsessed and successful at his profession as Cat is. They meet and the attraction is immediate, as it so often is in romance novels. But Sharon makes life difficult for both her hero and her heroine, throwing a lot of roadblocks in their way that have to do with plot and character.

Despite Cat’s best intentions not to let him in, she ultimately has no choice but to allow Wilson to help her. He has the contacts and the ears of the police that she simply doesn’t have.

Even at 432 pages, Nine Lives is a corker, a bristling, brawling, full-throttle read that sucks a reader through the pages like a black hole. I read the novel in three sittings, surprised at how much time I lost flipping pages. I felt like I’d experience time loss from alien abduction.

Sharon’s fans will love getting a new book by her, but if you’ve never read a Sharon Sala book before, Nine Lives is a great place to start. Be warned, however, it’s the first book of a trilogy. You won’t end up reading one book; you’ll be reading three. But you’ll be glad of it.

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  • I’m really looking forward to this one. I’ve got a couple I have to read first but this is high on my list. Thanks for the review Mel!

  • Amy Nash

    This is by far her best work! Will there be a sequel to Nine Lives?

  • Shirley

    Is there a sequel to Nine Lives and what are the names of the other two? I believe that the sequels should be included inside the cover so I can get all three if they are available.