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Book Review: Never Look Back (Nick Seven: Book 2) by Tim Smith

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Never Look Back by Tim Smith is the second book in the Nick Seven series. Retired from the CIA and living out an idyllic dream life in the Florida Keys with former agent Felicia Hagens almost seems too good to be true. And it is. Felicia and Nick are enjoying their time together. They share many sensual moments, and have adapted to the slower pace of the island life. Felicia is feeling pretty confident about her choice to stay with Nick instead of returning to Barbados until events start happening that make her wonder if she made the right choice.

When her brother Jamal mysteriously sends her a clock from Barbados, her curiosity is aroused. Surprisingly, she is unable to reach him to find out the meaning behind the gift. Since he has also been the stable one in the family, she finds this unusual. Then other events start happening, like two former agents separately turn up in the Keys. One is the rugged Bones McCoy, the other is a sadist named Terri Holloway.

Prior to his marriage and his relationship with Felicia, Nick found out about Terri’s sadist tendencies through professional and personal experiences. He knows to be on his guard. Neither agent admits to knowing the other is there and nor will they tell him why they are there. This is too much of a coincidence for Nick.

Things really get stirred up when Nick’s home and business are burglarized. An emergency message from Jamal lets them know that he is nearby. However, the call is abruptly ended so neither Nick nor Felicia has any idea what is happening.

When they realize that a tragedy has occurred, and they have to go to Miami, they are shot at by snipers while on their boat. It is obvious that something is up, and that not only are Nick and Felicia involved, but so are Jamal and a rogue agent. They desperately try to stay alive while they solve this case.

I really enjoyed being able to step back into Nick and Felicia’s life in Never Look Back. The combination of a suspenseful story interspersed with sensual scenes involving the couple make for a thrilling ride. Readers will enjoy following this series. The books can be read out of order, however, I recommend enjoying Book 1 first.

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