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Book Review: My Little Dysfunctional Family Album by Sean Maher

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As we sat around the family’s Thanksgiving table, our bellies full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and candied yams, we reminisce of the family traditions established years ago. Then it happens. The family album gets pulled off the shelf. Not our personal family album, but the new book by Sean Maher titled My Little Dysfunctional Family Album.

Indiscreet chuckles echo in the dining room as each page is turned, because in some way we can relate to this family. The old-timey pictures remind us of the pictures we have of our own parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents back when black-and-white photography was the best technology around.

Sure, the pictures are familiar, but did grandpa really think that? You know what, maybe he did. Each photo is captioned with not exactly the proper thing to be thinking, especially in those days. But in reality, that thought just might be what was going on behind grandma’s horn-rimmed glasses.

The classic basketball team photo is captioned with the phrase, “Winners don’t need to worry about things like sportsmanship.” In my own family album, I am reminded of a similar photo and that is exactly what the team was thinking as they took home the championship trophy.

Then there is the photo of a young boy with the caption “Giving in to peer pressure is just an opportunity to be cool.” We all know that is a true statement. And didn’t we all want to be cool? Why did our parents tell us differently? They probably didn’t want us to be as cool as they thought they were.

The five-inch square padded book contains sixty old-fashioned photos with hilarious captions on every page. Author Sean Maher has captured the sentiments of many dysfunctional families. This will be a family album to be cherished and read over and over. Who knows, you may just find a member of your own family characterized perfectly within the pages of My Little Dysfunctional Family Album.

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