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Book Review: My God Box – Parable of the Incorrigible Child by Margaret Iuculano

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My God Box – Parable of the Incorrigible Child is a literary account of one woman’s determination to make the best out of the hand life dealt her.

Margaret Iuculano, the author, describes some horrific events that took place at one point or another during the course of her childhood. During her young life, Iuculano is exposed to forms of abuse some of us couldn’t even imagine: sexual and physical abuse, molestation, the victim of cruel and harsh punishment, unnecessarily institutionalized – the list goes on. The mere fact that she survived the extreme disastrous treatment that she is subjected to as a child is proof positive that her ability to endure goes far beyond that of the average person.

After suffering from abuse, it takes years for some to recover from a devastating blow of that magnitude. Understandably, the victim requires extensive counseling, the mind has to be rehabilitated in order to be able to function properly in society without repeating the cycle on another individual. Others respond to the abuse they are suffering by acting out in fits of rage and bouts of anger, some try to numb themselves by drinking away their troubles or using drugs. In some cases, the victim will use sex as a decoy and exert energy toward relationships that will most likely never be fulfilling.

It took an exemplary amount of courage for Iuculano to write a book and allow herself to be completely transparent to people who may not understand, may be judgmental, or question her honesty. It probably wouldn’t be far fetched to conclude that she faced opposition when writing this book, and contrary to what some may believe, there are times people refuse to accept the sometimes harsh realities the truth holds. However, Iuculano exposes the truth of her life and all its gruesomeness.

Because of her childhood experiences I’m sure it’s great to know that Iuculano is a children’s right activist, a successful entrepreneur, and wife and mother. The abusive cycle ends with her. An inspiring tale that will spark faith in its readers.

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  • Hi Takiela –

    Thanks so much for writing this nice article about my book. I stumbled upon your site by accident and thought “wow” – what a great article. You are correct in stating I received quite a bit of push back writing this book and found it difficult at times to reveal so much detail about myself but I really wanted it to help others overcome similar situations and just know it is possible to still have a great life regardless of the bad things that can happen to us.


    Margaret Iuculano