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Book Review: Moon Age Daydream by Shaun Von Dragen

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There are some times for a reviewer when a little effort goes a long way. The edgy, futuristic cover and the presentation of this book — with its attached bookmark — just screamed “read me!”. The contents did not disappoint. In a nutshell this is a Faustian cyberpunk noir sci-fi thriller. That is not only all those bits but a rather good sum of its parts.

Alas, it would be very hard to go into much about this book without ruining it. It involves a freelance hacker and his virtual mate Isabelle. She is far more real that he ever really knows and manages to get him into all kinds of mischief and trouble. But is it really her who is the cause of all his chaos?

At a little over 250 pages this book does not hang around long enough to bore. The author knows well enough to keep it tight, as befits the genre. It reads like it’s meant to be consumed quickly; in one or two sittings.

Not even the future language can slow you down. But just in case it does confuse, there is a handy glossary in the back of all the futuristic terms. I am sure the fans of the cyberpunk genre amongst you will have no problems figuring out the lingo.

In short this is an excellent techno-romp that moves along at such a pace to keep things interesting and edgy. If you like futuristic cyber-thrillers with style, class and quality then this book is a must-have. A delight to behold.

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