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Book Review: Money: How to Be Richer, Now by Super Fast Guides

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Anything that helps with my knowledge to save more, earn more, and waste less is totally welcome. Money: How to Be Richer, Now comes with advice and tips on how to start making money for yourself by reducing your expenses, increasing your income, and how to make your money work more so that you can get the reward by having more money.

On each chapter, we understand a little bit more about how to reduce our expenses, increase our income, and the tips we can apply to do so.

I particularly like the tips on looking at cost per unit when we shop for things, for example, groceries. We have only started applying this tip few years back and realised we do save more and get the better value when we shop for things this way! I also enjoyed the ‘Extreme Money Machine Tip’ which give additional tips that we can try for more drastic action!

The only thing that I would like to recommend to make Money better is to include some illustrations for a better visualization effect. Other than that, this is an easy-to-read book that offers practical and easy approaches to financial freedom to implement and apply in your life and with your family.

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  • I agree with this review. This book is really easy to follow and full of lots of great tips and help. I’ve already saved lots of money by just using some of the ideas and I plan to try out more of the tips in the future.