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Book Review: Mom Rules: Notes on Motherhood, the World’s Best Job by Jill Milligan and Michael Milligan

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I’m always scouting for good books on parenting, Christianity, children and so on, and when I saw this parenting book from Skyhorse Publishing, Mom Rules: Notes on Motherhood, the World’s Best Job, by Jill Milligan and Michael Milligan, I immediately asked to review it. Here is my review of this book from

First, I like the compact size of the book, it is not too big and it is also easy to carry around plus the fonts are really easy on the eyes.

When I first saw the book title, I thought, “Hey, I must read this and see what others write about motherhood being the world’s best job!” This book includes tips on what to really expect when you are pregnant, how to make full use with the hours available for sleeping, and many more!

The colorful pictures in this book are cute and humorous to look at and I love the statement on page 2 where it says “although motherhood ranks at the top of the importance scale, it seems to be the only critical profession in which no first-hand understanding or experience is necessary — or possible — until after you become a mother.” How true is that?! I mean, being a mother does not mean it comes packed with a manual of instructions teaching you how to become one, you just learn on the job and try to do your best.

Under the “Second Born Children” chapter, I find it hilarious to read the rules on first-born / second-born and I also appreciate the advice given on enriching our life with the second child.

In my opinion, this book is a delight to read if you want to know what’s so awesome about being a mother! I would say this book would make a good gift for new mums as well!

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  • Anarcissie

    But motherhood is not a job. A job is a provisional instance of employment for a consideration, usually wages. Motherhood is a deep biological and social role and is normally a permanent, lifelong, indissoluble bond with at least one other person.