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Book Review: Mind Over Metal by Scott von Heldt

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Scott von Heldt is known for his day job of playing with several bands, including in ex-Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s solo band. But he’s now turned his hand to writing.

His new self-help book, Mind over Metal, subtitled The Mystic Art of Self-Discovery Part 1, describes itself as “the musician’s guide to mental mastery” and that is very much what it is in the end.

SVH sets out to help musician get in touch with the music they play on all levels. The theory inside is taken from all sorts of traditions, both Eastern and Western.

This is a primer to spiritual exploration of one’s musical side. Some of the musical notation and comparison to chakras will be hard to understand for anyone who knows little of the method of creating music.

And it has to be said this book is aimed more at musicians than say singers – there’s a high degree of specialization.

The book is certainly well written with an eye to making it simple for the busy musician. This is certainly not one of those weighty tomes written by some guru or other who does not connect with the term brevity.

The only criticism that could be aimed at this book is that the price is a bit steep for a few pages over 100.

That said I found the book an interesting and though-provoking read. It is clear that SVH actually believes in what he writes about here.

His enthusiasm is infectious, just like good music.

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