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Book Review: ‘Men Can’t Cry Part II: The Doctor Submits’ by Dimitra Ekmektsis

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Men Can’t Cry Part II: The Doctor Submits is the second of five parts in Dimitra Ekmektsis’s fictionalized memoir of a contemporary professional dominatrix. In the first segment, Lady Crescent becomes established at Maison de Sade, a full-service dungeon in Zurich. Concurrent with sexually dominating rich and powerful men, she reconnects with her elderly grandmother in nearby Greece. At the conclusion of Part I Lady Crescent embarks on a mission to get her grandmother’s doctor to stop overmedicating his patient with antidepressants. Her strategy is a bit unorthodox, however: she proposes to pay the doctor to be her submissive in exchange for his acquiescence regarding changing her grandmother’s medication regimen.

Part II picks up at that point in the story. Dr. Floratos, whom she addresses dismissively by his first name, Vangelos, declines her proposal, but he does agree to reduce the dosage as a compromise. Although she is thankful for the small victory, Lady Crescent is not prepared to let the matter drop. She is surprised that her anger and rage toward Vangelos triggers arousal as she envisions exacting revenge for his arrogance and misdeeds by whipping and humiliating him.  It only strengthens her resolve to find evidence to prove that his motivation for prescribing antidepressants for her grandmother is not well intended.

While she contemplates how to proceed, a serendipitous encounter with a hunky policeman, aptly named Dionysus (the Greek god of wine and revelry), leads to a sexual hook-up that exposes his latent submissiveness to strong women. This sexy entry-level femdom liaison is a precursor to Lady Crescent’s later acknowledgement of her personal inner dominatrix.

Men-cant-cry2With the aid of a hacker friend, she starts investigating the doctor’s relationship with the pharmaceutical company that makes the drugs he’s been prescribing. After gaining access to his email account, she discovers a digital communications trail that proves Dr. Floratos and the facility where her grandmother is housed are receiving perks for utilizing drugs that are inappropriate and/or of dubious value.

Armed with this smoking gun, she confronts Vangelos and gets him to submit to her demands, which include making him strip naked in his office and endure a severe thrashing with a cat o’ nine tails. The scene in which Lady Crescent punishes the reluctantly submissive Vangelos is extremely well done and erotic. And for her it is transformational, crystallizing the essence of her true dominant personality. Presumably this self-revelation will be featured prominently in the three upcoming books of Men Can’t Cry.

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