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Book Review: Men: 10 Essential Skills by RVR

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Men: 10 Essential Skills is not a long hard-cover book and neither is it very controversial. However, it does have quite a bit of merit as a resource for being “a man”.

Yes, all the info could be garnered from the internet, but not in such well-written and brief chapters. Its reminds me quite a bit of a late 19th-century book, reprinted a few years ago, that was a guide to being a gentleman. This is  an updated version of that.

Compiled by Robert Valdez-Rodriguez of the RVR luxury clothes line, it gathers experts on the various subjects covered. It includes what you would expect like how to tie a tie (including bow ties), smoke a cigar and how to order wine. However he tosses in a few modern twists, like how to drive a manual shift car and catch a wave.

What would be most useful during the wedding season that is the summer, is how to propose a toast. The last chapter “keep the girl” is filled with good advice, if a bit simplistic.

The chapters are all thankfully short on waffling and rich with advice. That said the chapter on how to make a Bond martini does go on a bit.

Overall this 106-page book is a valuable resource, especially for those newly emerging from college last month. A great graduation or birthday gift, for relatives in need of a gift.

At $20 its a bit steep for a short self-help book. Lets hope there is a paperback version that is pocket-sized and considerably cheaper. There is a cheaper Kindle version, but a Kindle is larger than the book itself.

It’s hardly essential an essential purchase, but worthy of your consideration.

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