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Book Review: Mastering a Healthy Self Image: The Guidebook to Real Happiness and Enormous Success by Darrell Knoch

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Entrepreneur Darrell Knoch has written a new book titled Mastering a Healthy Self Image that is a compendium of what he regards as the best thinking and advice, his and others, on the art of positive self-imaging. Self-help books can be traced to the early beginnings of published literature. From Pilgrims Progress and Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack to any one of thousands of other modern titles, books and writings on self-help/self-esteem abound.

In fact, perhaps no other self-help topic has brought forth as much advice. This already existing, expansive collection of counsel raises the question of whether Knoch has anything new to say on the subject. While most readers will find the Knoch’s book comprehensive, if they’ve read two or three of the modern best sellers on the topic, their answer will probably be no. But what makes Mastering a Healthy Self Image a worthwhile and enjoyable read is not what Knoch has to say, it’s how he says it.

If you’re not familiar with Darrell Knoch, he has all the attributes of his variation on the power of positive thinking – the power of positive believing. He overcame a traumatic childhood, which included a facially disfiguring accident as a toddler, an abusive father, and extreme poverty. He struggled to earn his college degree, entering the workplace determined to succeed but woefully lacking in self-esteem and belief in his self. Then, he received a gift from his brother that would forever change his life. That gift was a set of Zig Ziglar audio tapes titled See You at The Top: How to Stay Motivated. From that point on, Knoch began to practice what has become one of his basic tenets: read, observe and seek knowledge from others as much as you can, on any subject on which you want to become an expert.

Knoch has clearly followed his own tenet in Mastering a Healthy Self Image. He is indeed knowledgeable about all aspects of self-image as a result of immersing himself in the breadth and depth of what has been written and recorded on the subject by those who came before him. As a result, this book is both comprehensive and concise. While he references numerous advice and pontifications from others, he also offers his own counsel on the same matters. His writing style is friendly, easy to read, and personal; his advice is generally given in the form of kindly, softly “spoken” directives.

For example, on the subject of integrity Knoch writes

“When you have a situation where you are partially to blame, or it is difficult to determine who is at fault, then be the bigger person, and accept responsibility for it. Apologize, shoulder the blame, and get the situation resolved. You will feel good about yourself, and your self-esteem will be greatly enhanced as a result.&rdquo


Knoch is also an engaging storyteller and he peppers the book throughout with entertaining and motivational anecdotes.

Mastering a Healthy Self Image is certainly a notable introduction to positive imaging for those new to the subject. It’s also a viable choice for seasoned self-esteem builders looking for a new voice and for fresh inspiration from favorite, familiar counsel. And like all of the best authors of self-help books, Knoch has a way of making you feel that what he advocates is achievable.

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