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Book Review: Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love by Mercedes Kirkel

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Traveling along on a profound spiritual journey, the author Mercedes Kirkel’s life took off into a fascinating direction when she began channeling messages from Mary Magdalene. Over a period of one month, she received 25 messages which she felt compelled to share with the world through Mary Magdalene Beckons. These words of wisdom are intended to help guide us along our evolution into a higher level of consciousness. Kirkel presents each message from Mary and then she discusses how they relate to issues which we are dealing with now. Because the messages reflect our modern times, this book is an incredible gift to help those who are going through difficult times gain a greater understanding of how the painful times are actually helping them grow spiritually.

The discussion about going through the dark night of the soul particularly resonated with me. Instead of viewing it as a time of grief and hardship, Mary’s message helped me to gain a better understanding about how it can bring me closer in my relationship with God. She makes it clear that we should not blame ourselves or others for creating these occurrences, rather we should use this time to go within and connect with God and know we are not alone. I also gained a lot of insight into how the masculine and feminine aspects of our selves need to be balanced. Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus represented a perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

Sexuality is also an important topic that tends to be avoided in spiritual books. Explaining that our sexuality, when used in a loving and healthy manner, is an important way to unite us with our higher source really made sense. By avoiding our sexual nature, we not only disconnect from a very important part of our self, but we also separate ourselves from having a closer connection to God. Some people might have issues with this idea, but the author does a beautiful job of explaining it. She also makes it clear that it is important that intimacy should be reserved for loving relationships, and not as an empty way to relieve tension.

As a whole, I found I gained a great deal of insight into areas of my spiritual beliefs that I had wished to gain more clarity. Having the opportunity to read Mary Magdalene Beckons was truly a gift. As I continue on my spiritual journey, I have learned that I need to surrender to God as I pass through my dark night of the soul so that I can move onward into the flow of the river of love.

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