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Book Review: Love is the Color of a Rainbow by Kathy Parra

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It starts raining on a bright summery day and Willow takes a walk outside with her mommy. Willow is born blind, so her mom describes the things they encounter on their walk. When they see a rainbow, mom tries to have Willow feel the colors by guiding her towards flowers and having her experience nature to the fullest, in its vast range of colors.

Kathy Parra’s Love is the Color of a Rainbow is printed on eco-friendly paper and has a really nice feel to it, smoother than conventional paper. The illustrations are made by Candace Keach in pastel chalk and bring about a colorful childish feeling.

Reading what nature is like through Willow’s unseeing eyes is a delight. It brings us into contact with the feel of nature, the smells of nature, the emotions they stir up. The book also creates awareness towards disability.

It is a story of closeness and connectedness within nature bringing us a beautiful message: Love is the color of a rainbow.

From the book:

“She took my hands and put them around her. We hugged each other, and she said, ‘Together all these colors of nature make a rainbow hugging Mother Earth.’

Willow smiled, ‘A rainbow feels like love.’”

If you are looking for a book that will inspire your child to connect to nature, with a strong message of love and peacefulness, Love is the Color of a Rainbow will be a good pick. Find out more about the book on Kathy Parra’s website, where it is available for order.

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