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Book Review: Losing Hope by Martha Morning Todd

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Hope Evans has it all&#8212a wonderful loving husband, a beautiful little girl, a nice home in the suburbs, and a fabulous job that utilizes all her talents. Everything is perfect, until the morning she forgets her purse and her cell phone.

Car trouble forces Hope to the side of the road. Stranded, Hope’s decision to seek help turns her frustrating morning into her worst nightmare. Forced into a life she didn’t choose, she struggles to come to grips with her new surroundings.

While her husband searches desperately for her, Hope fights memories of the safety of the home and family she loves in order to survive. Can she suppress the repulsion she feels for her captor enough to be convincing? Follow along as Hope’s husband and the authorities race against time&#8212before Hope is lost forever.

I actually read Losing Hope straight through in a scant two-and-a-half hours. The dialog is stilted at the beginning and there are a couple of passages that are a bit awkward, but the story pulls you in and carries you along with more ease than I had anticipated after the first two chapters. While I didn’t care for the last chapter, the final paragraph in particular, Morning Todd has created a fairly compelling story perfect for the beach, poolside, or an extended flight. With her first novel under her belt, it will be interesting to see where Martha Morning Todd goes from here.

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  • It’s a very quick read and has great potential. I’ve already exchanged emails with the author regarding possible changes and I wouldn’t be surprised at an overhaul in the near future.

  • I had picked up and rejected this book, based on the stilted dialog – perhaps it’s worth a second look. Thanks!