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Book Review: LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout by LL Cool J , Dave Honig, and Jeff O’Connell

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LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool James), rapper, actor and author extraordinaire rocks the fitness industry with this unique and true-to-life “bling your body into shape” exercise book. The LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout guides you through five phases of step-by-step serious workouts, personal affirmations, recipes, healthy eating and nutritional tips. Each phase represents week-by-week building blocks to get you started on your bronze body to motivating you to achieve that premium platinum physique.

I have to say that this is not your ordinary exercise book. LL Cool J, along with contributions from his personal trainer Dave “Scooter” Honig and various professionals, creates a serious hard-core workout regimen to get results. This book is not for the procrastinating or lazy “exercise buff.” These guys are tenacious about their physical well-being and share with you how you can achieve that ultimate dream body you always wanted.

“The Bronze Body” starts off with cleaning away unhealthy foods that can stagnate your road to that platinum body. The first phase of any new workout plan is always the hardest, however LL Cool J provides sample meals and kitchen staples in order to keep you on track during this crucial phase. The actual workout of “The Bronze Body” begins with light circuit training and getting you familiar with free weights with which I found was the “key” to maximum fat burning.

In “The Silver Body,” LL Cool J really kicks it up a notch in strength and resistance training. He outlines the workout schedule precisely so you can glide into the next workout without delay or questions. LL also vividly demonstrates each movement to ensure that you are getting the proper benefits from the free weights. “The Gold Body” and “The Platinum Body” is not for the faint at heart. LL Cool J steps up the game to combine muscle building workouts and cardio training. Once again, he takes you through a week-by-week process that will guarantee results once completed.

My favorite is the “The Diamond Body.” This is truly something for the ladies. This is a four-week phase that targets those special areas. “The Diamond Body” is formulated to step up metabolism, provide fat burning, firm thighs, and tighten the derriere. LL Cool J is real big on circuit training and resistance in this phase. Once again, the focus is on getting that body to a place where burning fat and heightening energy are second nature. I love it!

If you are looking for the ultimate exercise book, look no further. LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout is it and LL is right there providing motivational tips along with Scooter’s fat-loss pointers. This book provides everything you need to get started on your physical workout routine or bring you to the next platinum level

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  • Ian D. Rossi

    I am in week 15 of this workout currently and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. It’s certainly worth the money. I am seeing more results in these past weeks than I have in the past ten years of lifting and exercising.

    If anyone’s interested, I created a worksheet/log to track my progress throughout the program. It’s complete and very well put together.