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Book Review: Living Reality: My Extraordinary Summer With “Sailor” Bob Adamson by James Braha

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I finished reading James Braha’s Living Reality: My Extraordinary Summer With "Sailor" Bob Adamson on Advaita, also known as Non-Duality some months ago. I intended to review it but between the ethereal subject and Braha’s own nature and writing style, I’ve found it impossible to adopt a detached view of his work in a detached way and write a proper review.

I have found it just as impossible to say, “Hey, psst. Read this book because it’s a mysterious secret only some people get.” So instead, here’s the story:

I have read all of James Braha’s (astrology) books and they are among my favorites. Braha is a seeker and a very hard worker. He works hard to give and he gives everything he has. If it’s an astrology book he’s offering, you get the impression he’s taken great care with his words. I don’t mean that he is inhibited. I mean you get the feeling this work is sacred to him.

om gifConsequently his writing does not come in through the head. There is so much of his heart and soul in his books I do not think it is possible to read them without having your own heart and soul accessed. And it’s clear from his prior work that Braha has been on a journey. He has aspired to enlightenment and on this front I have always watched in awe.

For example, he has the discipline to chant mantras to improve the condition of debilitated planets in his chart as if the rest of us could muster up this kind of dedication. We can’t! So he does all this work, all the time for all these years, generously sharing everything he has and then… and then in this book he finds the thing he is looking for… or in the case of non-duality, the no-thing. And characteristically he wants to give.

And give he does. In this book, Braha chronicles his summer with “Sailor” Bob Adamson who teaches him non-duality. The material is primarily presented in dialogue which exposes him completely. How many people let you into their living room, anyway? He allows the reader to be a voyeur with no risk involved. He just puts it out there and you either get it… or you don’t.

Personally, I got it. I didn’t think I was going to get it but by the time I was 1/3 through this meandering book, I was lulled into a state of complacency, my defenses failed and lights came on.

The timing was grand. I was in a personal crisis at the time and via this book I was able to find a door.

Is it magic? Well, yes. Anything that can take you out of pain in a microsecond has got to be considered magic and so is this book. But please. Don’t try to read it with your head. It doesn’t work like that. Think Edgar Cayce. You have to absorb.

I would recommend this book to… anyone. Braha did the work. You get the benefit.

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  • Thank you for your insight into Mr.Braha’s work. I have not read any of his books, but because of this review, I find myself sincerely wanting to discover more about the man, his dedication and love of giving. What you have written is like a guideline on how one should truly go about reading such rare material in order to personally benefit from it. This is most helpful. Blessings,