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Book Review: Living in Your Top 1%: Nine Essential Rituals to Achieve Your Ultimate Life Goals by Alissa Finerman

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 Alissa Finerman’s Living in Your Top 1%: Nine Essential Rituals to Achieve Your Ultimate Life Goals is a wonderful exploration of how we could live a happy and fulfilled life. Most people feel pushed and pulled in different directions, and balance is the last thing that they experience. In this wonderful book, Finerman gives the reader nine rituals that, when followed, can help all of us achieve our ultimate life goals.

Many of us have grown-up with certain kinds of beliefs about ourselves and what makes a happy and fulfilled life. But many times, these beliefs need to revised or revisioned later on in life because they no longer serve us. Some of us are held back from reaching our full potential because we seem to be stuck in the mire of our old belief and value patterns, which may have worked before in our lives, but don’t any longer.

Some of our old, self-imposed beliefs may cause limitations such as fear and a lack of confidence. Further, some of us don’t realize that it is even an option to strive for something personally significant and exciting. But we all deserve to be our personal best, and we can’t be our personal best if we don’t revise our old stifling beliefs and patterns of behaving.

In order to be our best, we must live in our top 1%. That means seeing our world as being filled with potential and possibility. We must use all of strengths and assets to live our best life. And many of us don’t even know what these strengths are unless we apply the nine rituals that Finerman discusses in the book. It certainly opened up my mind to the endless possibilities of change and growth that I can have in my life.

Living in our top 1% is about exploring our highest potential in all areas of our lives. We must work at expanding our mindset, increase our awareness of what we can do, and taking action. We have the choice to be either good or great. Both paths take time and effort. So, why not choose great? All it requires is a small shift in our mindset that leads to major behavioural changes. The nine rituals that Finerman discusses will give most of us a new system to better evaluate what’s important to us and to make the best decisions. Once our strengths, priorities, and goals become clear, we will be able to make progress in all of these areas of our lives.

The author knows whereof she speaks. She had a life that was imbalanced and unhappy. She was in a career that just ended without any rhyme or reason, and she was forced to revise her vision for her life. It was from this place that this book was created. There are so many people in this predicament. And I know that this book will have a positive impact on all readers who take Finerman’s message to heart. I can honestly say that this book has already changed how I view my life. I am in the process of applying her nine rituals to my life so that I can gain more balance and personal fulfillment and be my best.

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