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Book Review: Living At Home: A Memoir Linnell Shawn Dowling

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Reminisces of how we started out in life, in contrast to where we’re at the moment in our journey makes no difference, without a sense of purpose towards a goal!

Yet we owe the younger generation a duty to bring to light how our susceptibilities to making bad choices cost us missed opportunities.
Living at Home is an honest recollection of childhood memories, including events which shaped the life of the author forever. It details the dysfunctional nature of his family, without the protective shield of a father in the picture, as he lived with his alcohol-subdued-mother and suffered an early exposure to a hustler’s life. Linnell, like lots of inner-city kids back in the days, had first-hand experience with the dangers of street life, drug peddling, meddling, and sex. As a result of the gun culture associated with drugs on the street, he was a victim, and also served a term in jail.

Interestingly, all these events took place mostly along the East coast beginning at Baltimore down to South Carolina, with only a few trips to the middle belt states.

Dowling eventually had to come to terms with the unlikelihood  of a promising future after realizing he needed to confront his demons and get serious with his career. This change of heart and renewed focus provided him a different route to being successful in life through determination, commitment, and hardwork as opposed to a life of drugs and guns which operated as a quick fix policy that never lasts! The interesting point of Living at Home is how Linnell rediscovered a zest for life buoyed by a new found grace in God.

I particularly love where Dowling acknowledges, in page 167, how “I really became more grateful and thankful to God for just being alive. The life I had always taken for granted has now become the most precious gift that God could have ever given to me." And continuing in his acknowledgment, Linnell says, “He placed my wife in my life to be my guardian and angel to help me find my way.”

On a final note, I’m of the belief that Linnell Shawn Dowling’s subsequent writings will show much flair and finesse. Living at Home should appeal to youth workers and families with young people.

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  • God always gives second chances; its down to us to know what to do with them.Thanks.

  • Ms. T

    Restoration of faith within self! …amazingly good read! Courage & Determination….good job!