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Book Review: Liver Let Die by Liz Lipperman

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Liver Let Die is an entertaining, wickedly hilarious and thoroughly addictive debut from first time scribe Liz Lipperman.

Jordan McAllister is a feisty narrator who pops off the page delivering Lipperman’s well sketched dialogue in 4D.  Lipperman added her own brand of sass, grit and flavor to the overcooked culinary genre and struck platinum with her Clueless Cook Mystery series. Finally, a new writer who adds her own spicy style and writes with her own distinctive flair without rehashing, rebooting, and rehabbing what was written before.  Yes, there are many good writers on the shelves, but storytellers are a rare breed and should be celebrated.  Therefore, Lipperman gets a party akin to New Year’s Eve!

The Ranchero Texas setting is scrumptious, and the small town essence adds to the authenticity of Jordan’s orbit.  Jordan McAllister has aspirations of being a sports columnist, but is handed a temporary position as a food critic.  Jordan’s editor, Dwayne Egan, offers her the opportunity of penning Kitchen Kupboard, the weekly column in the Ranchero Globe, while the culinary reporter, Loretta Mosley, is recuperating in rehab after a fall that injures both hip and right arm.  The thing is, Jordan doesn’t know anything about food but knows she is fed up with dining on bologna sandwiches a few nights a week.  Jordan knows filling in for Loretta is one step closer to reaching her dream of being a sports writer – not to mention getting her grub on. 

Jordan’s first assignment is reviewing the new steakhouse, Longhorn Prime Rib, on the outskirts of town.  When the waiter, J.T.,  suggests she order the foie gras she decides to order the delicacy.  When it arrives, she inquires as to what exactly it is she ordered.  When J.T. informs her she ordered fatty duck liver, Jordan does the right thing and tosses the meal into her friend Rosie’s purse.  Thus, ruining the handbag.

When J.T.’s body is discovered outside her home, with her name and number in his pocket, she becomes the prime suspect.  Jordan knows it is time to use her journalism skills to get to the bottom of this before her goose is cooked!

Liver Let Die is supported by excellent dialogue, a skillfully plotted mystery and an assortment of well-drawn characters that make for a spectacular reading experience.

Click here to visit Liz’s website.

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