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Book Review: Listen to Me Please! Time-In Not Time-Out by Ava Parnass & Dr. Ron Taffel

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I was obviously intrigued when I saw the book title! I mean, “Time In”? We have started using the Time-Out approach about two months back with our son. Maybe it’s is sister Alyson’s arrival that causes Ben to be more demanding and throwing tantrums when things does not go his way (to seek our attention perhaps?)

The problem with Ben is the moment he starts crying, he tunes out and it’s hard to talk to him until you get him to quiet down and stop his crying. So the title of this book, Listen to Me Please!, just hits the note as that’s what I said to Ben whenever I try to calm him down and stop his crying.

I like that this book guides you on how to use it:  when is the most appropriate moment and timing to read this book with your child and to encourage your child to choose the page he/she likes the most.

I also like that there are some pointers under “Conversation Starters” that get the discussion moving along between parents and the child. There’s even parenting tips provided (page 6-12) that include ways to tackle the specific problems. 

I would prefer if the illustrations were all of the same type, but maybe it’s just my weird preference.

I hope to be able to use the approaches from this book whenever the situation arises. I personally learned a lot from this book and I am glad to be able to review it.

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