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Book Review: Life is Not a Candy Store: It’s The Way to the Candy Store by Tal Yanai

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Tal Yanai’s book is a thoughtful exploration of how teens can overcome life’s challenges. So many teens are overwhelmed and angry today. They are unable to cope with life’s problems and they find it difficult to make emotionally intelligent decisions on a daily basis. Teens just haven’t mastered the coping mechanisms that they need to live a fulfilling life.

Life is Not a Candy Store: It’s The Way to the Candy Store is a book that addresses these concerns in the most wholehearted fashion that I have seen for a long time. Yanai explores the road of life for a teen. For Yanai, life is a growing process. Teens must accept the challenges of their lives with love and understanding and not bitterness. The road of life for a teen has many ups and downs. How a teen copes with these ups and downs will define whether (s)he will grow up to be a healthy person or a bitter one.

According to Yanai, teens must not grab things just because they’re out there to reach. Sometimes teens think they are in an all you can eat candy store. They just seize as much as they can, and fill their pockets with whatever is offered to them without reflecting on whether or not it is right for them. They should develop more self-control and be responsible for their own actions.

Yanai says that teens should work at allowing their souls to evolve. And to evolve, teens can’t stay in one place eating candies. Instead, before a teen enters a road, they should stop and think about what is most important to them in life. Teens must avoid dead end roads that lead to nowhere but trial and difficulties.

What a great message for teens today. Life is Not a Candy Store should be pondered and reflected upon by teens. It is a book that should be read and then reread. I recommend this book to all teens in our current cultural times. I would love to see a book like this as part of the curriculum in high schools.

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