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Book Review: Life Chapters Volume 2, Death Walker Series by Galen Stoller

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When I picked Life Chapters: Extraordinary Afterlives of People You Never Heard of by Galen Stoller from the pending review list, I thought it had a neat title. I had no idea what I would read within the pages. At first, I was a bit confused. Being this is the second volume in the “Death Walker Series,” I probably should have read My Life After Life first. As I read the foreword, I honestly thought to myself this was a crock and no way could someone write a book after they died. And who in their right mind would even take this seriously? I had no idea what this book was or the history behind writing the book. I googled Galen Stoller and read the stories of his death. Something within the Prologue really grabbed my attention, and I could literally hear the voice of this young man. I decided that I must have an open mind. and I opened my heart as well.

The very first chapter pretty much outlined what some have the hardest time believing — that a soul is not truly a soul until it has taken its first breath. Everyone has their own agreements and paths that must be honored. This part could give a grieving parent some comfort in knowing there is a reason for the loss of their child. As a parent, I cannot imagine what that feels like, and I honestly don’t want to know what it feels like. Not only would this chapter comfort the one who lost a child but maybe a woman who has chosen to abort her unborn child.

As the chapters unfold with the stories of people who have passed on, each story contains a lesson that we all can learn from. I hardly believe that many hard-core Christians could get through this book and actually have an open heart.

Galen gives us details of his realm and where he is at this point in his afterlife. He is eager to learn the lessons from each person he comes in contact with, explaining that your beliefs will have an effect on the afterlife you create. For instance, people with the belief that one will be greeted by Jesus will have experience and be greeted by someone they will recognize as their savior; though they will not forever remain in what many expect to have as heaven.

The more I read, the more I could not put the book down, and I came to realize that this same idea is what we learn about at my church, Unity Church of the Hills — not so much in what this book shows us as the afterlives of people but in the knowledge that when we die, we only leave our physical body and move on to our next chapter.

I am so completely understanding of each and every page. I can honestly say this touched my mind and my soul. In the year 2012, I have known several people who have transitioned. It gives so much comfort to know that if you have your heart and mind open, your loved ones may be able to contact you through dreams or mediums and have a message for you that soothes the soul. To know that they are really okay on the other side has got to be one of the most wonderful pieces of news.

My heart goes out to Mr. Stoller and his family for the loss of his 16-year-old son, and I hope he can pass the message along that I am more than thankful that I got a chance to review this book. It has truly touched my life unlike anything I have ever read before. If you or someone you know is struggling with a death, or has a struggling faith, this is something different to read and learn about. The warning label should include that you must have an open mind to get to the last of the pages.

“….understand that life on earth is heaven or hell depending on people’s behavior; that there is no punishment in the afterlife; and that desire to love and serve is not imposed upon us but emanates from our true nature.” This quote sums up the main message in Life Chapters.

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