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Book Review: Life Chapters: Extraordinary Afterlives of People You Never Heard of (Book II, Death Walker Series) by Galen Stoller

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Following My Life after Life, Life Chapters is the second book in the Death Walker series. Written by Galen Stoller, who died at 16 years of age, the book is edited by his father Dr. K. Paul Stoller who continues to be able to communicate with his son through a medium. Galen Stoller did a lot of living and had a great deal of accomplishments prior to passing on at a young age. While people would see his death as a tragic waste of a young life, his continued contact with his father has allowed Galen to continue making a difference for those of us who seek to better our lives. This book is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man.

Life Chapters talks about individuals that Galen has connected with on the other side. Each has their own special story, and by telling it, Galen imparts information to us, so that we can learn about the other side, and how important it is that we live meaningful, enriching lives now. By focusing on how we live in this dimension, and how we open our minds up to believing that we will continue on after we pass, we can help control the direction we go when we transition. If our beliefs are limited now, we will be responsible for keeping ourselves from growing and learning when we pass. The people that Galen talks about who have gone on are having varied experiences, mainly because of what they believed while they were alive.

For some people, who are stuck in the notion of heaven and hell, they will not be comfortable with what they will learn while reading this. For me, I felt like what I read made a lot of sense. It helped me find a lot of answers to questions that I had about what happens to people who come from different belief systems when they pass. I also feel that people who are more open minded to there being a beautiful existence on the other side, will find comfort in knowing that it is infinite. This made me feel better for both myself and those whom I love that have transitioned. I recommend Life Chapters by Galen Stoller for both those who are seeking to better their lives now, and those who have lost loved ones and need reassurance that they moved on to something greater.

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