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Book Review: Lido Key by Tim Smith

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With Lido Key by Tim Smith, the second mystery in the Vic Fallon series takes us to Siesta Key, Florida. As readers we go willingly, but for private Detective Vic Fallon, his visit is a surprise.

When Vic leaves his home in Ohio to follow up on a lead in Atlanta, Georgia, he is stunned when he wakes up in a bungalow in the Florida Keys. When he finds out the reason for his visit is to help former lover Ariel Weston deal with a blackmailer, he feels mixed emotions. Part of him is still angry at her for disappearing on him three years ago, and another part of him still feels a huge attraction towards her.

As the mystery unfolds, Ariel has to reveal a great deal of her past to Vic. It appears that there is a link between people who might have known her in her former life before she became the socialite wife of a wealthy man. There are also several sleazy characters from the present that seem to have an interest in Ariel.

The most troubling aspect of this case is that the blackmailer isn’t asking for money; he is asking for an erotic night with Ariel. As Vic continues with his investigation, he discovers that somebody has taken a great deal of interest in him, and is out to get him. He needs to solve this case before he or Ariel become victims themselves. He also has to decide what to do about his feelings for Ariel.

I totally enjoyed reading Lido Key. Having read the first book in the Vic Fallon series, I was pleased to see that the author Tim Smith continues to write quality detective stories. He also has a great deal of talent for writing erotic scenes.

Combining the mystery with erotica made Lido Key a book that was impossible to put down. I highly recommend Lido Key to readers who enjoy mystery and sizzling erotic scenes. I also look forward to see what adventures the private investigator has in store for him in future books of the Vic Fallon series.

(Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views)

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