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Book Review: Liar by Yvon Justin Cote

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Liar, by first-time novelist Yvon Justin Cote, is not your typical coming-of-age tale. There are no sappy love stories here. Liar tells the tale of Jason, a gay French-Canadian kid raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. He is basically a good kid, but gets mixed up with a bad crowd. He is sexually active at age seven, and becomes a gambling addict and thief at equally early ages. At 15, Jason breaks into an old man’s house and attempts to rob him at knife point. He fails, freaks out, and runs, hitching rides south, with the ultimate goal being Florida. The resulting novel is more On the Road than Dawson’s Creek.

Along the way, Jason makes friends, loses friends, has casual sex, falls in love. He matures quickly, and returns home to face the music. His punishment is probation, something which he sails through while waiting tables, saving towards his ultimate goal: his own restaurant.

Cote’s writing style is unique, kind of stream-of-consciousness. This works both for and against him. It is awkward at first, but once you find the rhythm, it is an easy read that really propels you through the pages. Unfortunately, emotion is completely lost with this technique. Jason, as narrator, will describe a night at a club as “the best night it was so fun,” and then a paragraph later talk about how depressed he is and how he should just kill himself. It was hard to become emotionally invested in the story. At the end, when he triumphs and gets his life on track, it just feels like an end. I can’t celebrate with him.

Yvon Justin Cote shows promise as a writer, but it isn’t there yet. I look forward to seeing what his next novel holds.

Liar is only available for sale through the website, LiarTheNovel.com.

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  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are a totalitarian cult because they try to cut you off from others who do not have the same beliefs, including family.

  • Proud JW

    Sir, you are the LIAR. Obviously you have not really got to know JWs, or our beliefs. You are entitled to your beliefs, but please do better research, and please retract your statement.

    Sincerely, Sick of untruths

  • I’m not a fan of the JWs’ creed, but I have to concur – at least in part – with ‘Proud’ above. All the Witnesses I’ve known personally have been perfectly nice people with whom you can interact normally as you would with anyone else.

    It’s when they grab a pile of Watchtowers and come swinging on your doorbell, though, that things get creepy.

  • Jehovah’s are a sicko control freak cult just like Scientology

  • EXJW

    If one was ‘sick of untruths’, they would no longer be a Jehovah’s Witness. Although most JWs do not know the half of what goes on in their Organization, their affiliation with the UN, Pedophile scandals, massaging their history books. Only when you have been ‘in’ and then ‘out’ do you truly have a clear perspective on JWs.

    (Ex JW, in for 40 years)

  • Misplaced ranters!

    The Novel isn’t about Jehovah Witnesses perhaps find another venue to do you ranting.

  • Janet

    Jehovah’s Witnesses totally suck

  • Tom Rook

    There were many people who were raised “Catholic” that became Nazis, but World War II was not about the Catholics, although they were among the major “players” in that slaughter.

    Whatever this book is about …it’s a NOVEL, fer crin’ out loud!!


  • scottnkids

    I believe that the average JW is a sincere and dedicated individual who truly loves and honors God. The concern I have is which God do they believe in? Jesus Christ, who they describe as a mighty, lessor God or someone they call Jehohvah, the almighty God. Any way you look at it, they believe in two Gods, in contradiction of the Bible. In summary, you can believe in the god of the watchtower or you can believe in the God of the Bible.