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Book Review: Liam the Leprechaun by Charles A. Wilkinson

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Ever feel like you just don’t measure up? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be young and beautiful, tall and slim, and talented in all possible endeavors?  (Wait a minute, did I just describe Angelina Jolie?) It would be wonderful, although it’s entirely impossible — even if you filled all the specs, you wouldn’t be young forever. Perhaps concentrating on the things we are, instead of the things we are not, would increase the value we place on ourselves.

Liam the Leprechaun is the tale of a little leprechaun. “All leprechauns are little — it’s the occasional Elf who isn’t,”  you may say, but Liam is little even by leprechaun standards. He is also poor by leprechaun standards (their pots of gold are equal to their size, and his is very small), and when spoken of, he is referred to as “Poor Liam.” Because of his tininess, those around him aren’t always aware of his presence, so he quite often overhears conversations about “Poor Liam.”

Now, Liam’s size and economic situation are enough to warrant a pity party, but throw in the pity of every citizen in town, and Liam is pretty darn depressed. Fortunately, he is not so depressed that he doesn’t do anything about it. He visits the wisest, kindest leprechaun who advises him that the answer to his problems are within himself, gives him a boatload of good advice, and sends him on his merry little leprechaun way.

Inspired, Liam sets up an appointment with  the mayor, a leprechaun he has long admired. This meeting results in a job for Liam. Liam’s self-confidence increases, and he begins to realize his potential for growth. When his job has him crossing paths with the most miserable battle-axe of leprechauns, a liberationist who is just plain annoying and unattractive, Liam’s talents come to the fore, insuring him a happy ending.

Author Charles Wilkinson presents the story of Liam in a 48-page chapter book set in Ireland, of course, where leprechauns abound if you know where to look (and nobody does).  It is a positive story with a huge message: being the best you can be may make you more than you are. Liam’s tale also tells us that if we really want to change, we can.

Liam may be short in stature, but he has skills (even he wasn’t aware of) that make up for it. Liam the Leprechaun, like the little guy himself, has a big heart and a message for everyone.

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