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Book Review: Levi’s Will by W. Dale Cramer

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In W. Dale Cramer’s novel Levi's Will, you will find rich storytelling, an eloquent writing style, and thought provoking dialogue.

Returning to his Amish roots to attend his Father's funeral, Will McGruder, an Amish prodigal, remembers the span of his life from the time he originally fled in shame. traveling with his son back to Amish country, Will recalls his life as the scenery and the conversation spark flashbacks of his childhood and the events that propelled him to leave.

The story is told in two parallel time lines which create intrigue as the reader assemblies both the past and the present events, adding a sense of mystery to the story. Memories of bravery, dedication, responsibility, fear, love, and friendship are described with endearment, focusing the reader to think of their own lives and relationships.

This is a novel that you want to savor as it is filled with common sense wisdom. The story is not so much told as unfolded as you read. This is a wonderful story with authentic, believable characters, and rich history. It has been said that W. Dale Cramer writes enduring characters, and this is true. You are left with the feeling as if you know these people and this family. A great read, I recommend it highly.

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