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Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

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Legend by Marie Lu is a dystopian novel for young adults that leads you slowly to the edge of your seat, wanting more by the end. It involves a boy named Day who is living in poverty, wanting a cure for his family, and one of the government’s most wanted criminals, and a girl named June who is living in riches and is one of the government’s top agents. After the murder of June’s brother, June and Day meet unexpectedly and find out a terrifying truth about what exactly happened that night.

Legend Book CoverI personally think it is a very suspenseful novel. The plot is original and well-organized. It keeps readers entertained the whole time while building up to an ending that is slightly disappointing, but still climactic. The plot moves along at a slower pace, but it includes a lot of detail, description, and development.

There aren’t a lot of characters, and I feel this is a good choice for Lu. It enables her to create detailed and interesting backstories for the two main characters especially. It also makes keeping track of them simpler. Connecting with the main characters is very easy, and I often felt engrossed in their world, as if the problems that occur and the situations they find themselves in were actually happening to me.

The whole story flows along almost effortlessly, and there is just the right balance of description and dialogue to keep the reader interested and thirsty for more.  The combination of likable characters, a suspenseful plot, and fantastic writing makes Legend well worth the money paid for it and the time it takes to read it.

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  • I love Marie Lu’s debut! Eagerly awaiting the sequel 🙂 Great review! 🙂