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Book Review: Legend by David Lynn Golemon

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A no-holds barred adrenaline rush, Legend is the second of the Event Group novels by David Lynn Golemon. The Event Group – a top-secret government agency that does not officially exist- is comprised of the best and brightest scientists, soldiers and thinkers. Its purpose is to prevent the repeating of past U.S. mistakes.

The story begins in 1533 with a Spanish expedition in search of El Dorado. In the depths of the Brazilian rainforest they discover a veritable Garden of Eden, but this paradise hides a deadly secret. Fast-forward to the present-day, where a college professor has uncovered the trail to this lost paradise. When the expedition vanishes, Major Jack Collins and the Event Group step in.

The Event group must not only solve the mystery, braving the dangers of the Amazon and the deadly threats waiting in the fabled El Dorado, but must compete against several rival factions. The story moves at an almost-frantic pace, constantly bouncing among a large group of characters and plot threads. While the pacing makes for an exciting read, it is sometimes frustrating. Certain characters and settings beg for greater depth and detail.

The strengths of Legend are many: a well-crafted prologue, an imaginative plot, complex interwoven storylines, and a satisfying blend of mystery, adventure, action, political intrigue and a touch of the supernatural. The weak point is that the huge cast of characters makes for limited growth and development. Jack Collins is tough and resourceful, but still a bit of a mystery. The character of “Chief,” though perhaps a bit sterotypical, steals the show with some great lines and creative expletives.

A tale worthy of the giants of the genre like Clive Cussler, James Rollins and Matthew Reilly, Legend is a definite must-read for action and adventure fans. Don’t miss it.

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