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Book Review: Leadership in Business by Raju Khatri (K.C.)

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Raju Khatri combines personal experience in leadership in business as an entrepreneur, trainer and motivator. In Leadership in Business, he coaches the reader in individual areas of personal development and achievement. Heprovides a logical motivational approach to starting and running a business. He brilliantly parallels principles of communication, marketing, and motivation from ancient Buddhism, the logic of Hindu Vedas, and from the working production model of the community of bees.

I found his discussion on several topics of particular interest, including: The decision making process, a formula for success, business investment, family business strategy, and situational leadership. The chapter titled “Career Plans in Business” tells the stories of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other recognized leaders. Each illustration defines a specific stage of their success story. Illustrations are interesting, informative, and entertaining.

Although much of the material is covered by other personal coaches and self-help books, Raju Khatri’s approach is unique. Using a variety of elements within the format of the book enhance, reinforce, and summarize the principles of leadership and success being introduced. These include: Outlines, graphs, charts, case studies, illustrations, lists, topical headings, and parallels. The case studies and illustrations include Sony, Southwestern Bell Corporation, Pepsi-Cola, and other highly recognized companies.

I personally enjoyed Raju Khatri’s frequent use of alliteration to emphasize key points. His writing is practical in presentation, content, and conclusions. The book is filled with valuable lessons for every level in one’s career, whether beginning employment, starting a small enterprise, operating a challenging business, holding a leadership position in business, or moving into an advisory role.

Raju Khatri’s Leadership in Business is worthy of reading, assimilating, and applying–and then starting the cycle all over again. Highly recommended.

(Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views)

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