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Book Review: Kronos by Jeremy Robinson

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Jeremy Robinson delivers again! Kronos is another positively addictive page-turner. Atticus young is a former Navy SEAL trying to come to grips with the death of his wife and increasing disconnect from his teenage daughter, Giona. On a scuba diving trip, Giona is swallowed by a massive, unknown beast of the sea. The only thing keeping Atticus alive is his desire to hunt the creature that took his daughter. Into his life walks Trevor Manfred, a ruthless multi-millionaire who wants the beast as a hunting trophy.

The story moves forward at Robinson's typical fast pace. Manfred is a shady character, and there are tensions between Atticus and one of Manfred's primary henchmen. The tension is ratcheted up when Atticus's former military colleague Andrea, now an officer in the Coast Guard, enters the picture. The blend of action and mystery never relents. The publisher should put a warning label on the cover: "Do not open this book unless you have time to read the entire thing."

A few scenes feel either a bit forced or contrived, such as an early scene in which Atticus roughs up some street toughs who mess with his daughter, But it does it in such a way that the reader is apparently supposed to conclude that he is a tough guy – but not a "bad" guy, though he could be if he wanted to. Atticus's conversation with his mother after Giona's loss is a bit cliche, as is much of the Manfred story line. The plot is engaging enough that it more than outweighs these areas of relative weakness.

In many ways, this novel is reminiscent of the early works of James Rollins, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and Steve Alten. There is a satisfying mix of mystery, monsters, and action. Action-Adventure fans who have not yet discovered Robinson would do well to make this their first exposure to one of the most talented writers in the genre. Buy your copy of Kronos today!

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