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Book Review: Keeping our Republic by Matthew T. Parks and C. David Corbin

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Keeping our Republic is subtitled “principles for a political reformation” and that is in fact what it is. However unlike many such books the authors understand that “brevity is the soul of wit.” This is no ponderous tome that requires a life-style choice to read — it is less than 100 pages.

The premise of the book is that the body politic needs to return to its republican roots. By that they do not mean Republican, but republican in the sense of serving as defenders of the republic. The authors feel that all sides have forgotten the founding values and principles of the Constitutional republic of which they are a part.

Now not everyone will agree with all their interpretations of those principles. In fact, there is at least one assertion they make that is radical and possibly even controversial to most. Whether or not you agree with their hypothesis on this particular subject it cannot be said they do not make their case in an erudite way.

As an addition to the body of work regarding the direction the U.S. is going, this is worthy. They understand what the pamphleteers of old and the bloggers of now know — keeping it brief and to the point makes it far more likely to be read.

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