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Book Review: Ka-Boom! by Alyce Joy Rininger

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Ka-Boom! is a unique fantasy fairy tale adventure for kids with a few important messages. It is a book that the reluctant reader will be entranced by and one that a child won’t be able to put down. The illustrator, Diane Lucas, does a marvelous job engaging the reader in the story as well.

Sprout, the main character, is very unique. She is a fairy like no other any child has ever imagined. She has spunk and determination. She looks like a tomboy with her little army boots and attitude. Yet, she is absolutely adorable, a character that every reader will fall in love with, especially girls.

The story starts when Taylor, an eight-year old girl, notices a sudden puff of smoke bellowing out of her dollhouse. She wonders what it could be. Should she call her Mom? She decides not to, despite the fact that she is scared. Then she notices what looks like a fairy coming out of the clutter in the dollhouse. Taylor was always told that fairies don’t exist, but the more Taylor looks at this small being, the more she realizes that she is indeed a fairy.

Taylor doesn’t know if she should be excited or scared. At first, Taylor is scared of the fairy. But as time goes on, Sprout, the fairy, become best friends. Sprout takes Taylor on adventures like she never had. Sure Sprout gets herself into trouble a couple of times, but with her sheer determination and confidence, everything turns out okay. This is an important message for kids today who don’t seem to have a lot of confidence in themselves. After reading Ka-Boom!, kids will want to be more confident and have more determination in everything that they see and do.

Alyce Joy Rininger is a debut children’s author. After talking to her on Blog talk Radio, I learned that she has quite a few more children’s books in the works. I can’t wait to read her next book.

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