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Book Review: Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones

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Former rebel and Travel Network cinematographer Maggie Montgomery isn’t afraid of anything. Except going home. Home is where the nightmare never ends, and she’s constantly reminded she’s never added up. But when her father summons her home due to a family emergency, she packs her bags with the reassurance that she’ll stay only for a couple of days. But one week quickly turns to two, then three. With a hardheaded niece to look after, a spiteful drug-addicted sister to contend with, and a handsome geek tugging at her heartstrings, Maggie will find healing and comfort in the last place she expected.

Going home to bury long hurts and finding redemption seems to be a common theme running through many stories I’m reading. This story has to be among the best I’ve read. While tackling tough problems like mental illness, grief, and addiction, Jenny Jones makes you laugh while falling for her characters. I dare you not want to hug Maggie’s niece to pieces while showing her to the nearest corner. Jones characterized that little girl down to her sneakers. And the geek-turned-sexy vet? Hmm. Let’s just say my pets would always be coming down with an ailment every week.

I recommend this story for book clubs who will find meaningful topics for a lively discussion. Those who enjoy a good laugh and a satisfying story will not be disappointed reading Just Between You A Me.

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  • CeeCee

    I totally agree. I hope the author writes more adult fiction like this one.

  • Andrea

    I absolutely loved this book, the characters are very easy to acknowledge with, and it has such deep meaning behind it about family values and your relationship with God and how it can effect your every step if you don’t have faith. I bought the book at 8pm and I stayed up until 3am reading (got to pg 179) and had to be at work at 6am. But it was totally worth it!!!!!