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Book Review: It Girl Knits by Phoenix Bess

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That is author and designer Phoenix Bess on the cover of It Girl Knits. She looks young, doesn’t she? That because she is 16, and a knitting prodigy – she started her own knitwear company at 13.

Her designs are young and flirty. Definitely meant for teens, but plenty of stuff that adults can enjoy as well. The patterns, for the most part, use affordable but quality yarns (it’s not all acrylic, but it’s not cashmere, either)

“Babydoll Top” is a favorite in this book. It has a crossover bodice, flowing body, and ribbon straps. “Flirty Short Skirt” is not that short – about knee length – with an uneven pixie hem. “Headbands” are cute, simple, and great as stash busters and gifts. I’m not a fan of the “Ribbed Sleeveless Top” – a V-neck tank top with inexplicable lapels. “Lace Cap” is a sweet little chapeau, but it doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be a tight skullcap or looser beret.

“Comfy Cotton Pants” do indeed look comfy – and I don’t think I ever considered pants a viable hand knit garment until I saw these. “Capri Pants” are nearly the same – just shorter and slightly flared. I’m not so sure about the “Cropped Leggings.” “Felted It Bag” is a simple bucket tote, dressed up with a satin fabric shoulder strap and chain and charm accents.

“Boyfriend Sweater” is a fairly common oversized cozy sweater, but this one feels bigger and boxier than most. “Sweet And Flirty Empire Dress” is an adorable cocktail dress with a halter top and lacy hem. “Aussie Boots” are a surprisingly accurate homemade version of sheepskin Ugg boots.

“Lacy Camisole” is a simple little top with lace ribbon trim – I can see it being worn out on a date or for a slumber party. “Workout Top” is a tiny cropped sports bra with no support. Not particularly flattering. The “Tiny Shorts” are adorable and sporty. The “Diva Bikini,” while not particularly practical, is adorable; sadly, the “Tankini” with its keyhole neck, is not nearly so flattering.

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